does cornbread make your вυŧŧ bigger?

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  • no………….

  • Just like anything else, if you eat and excercise and are fit, cornbread won’t make your вυŧŧ bigger. But if you are a couch potatoe (not active) and eat and don’t think about what you put into your mouth at times (cornbread does have a lot of butter), then yeah, sure, your вυŧŧ will eventually get bigger.

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    does cornbread make your вυŧŧ bigger?

  • Cornbread will not make you bum bigger.

    It’s what you put on it that makes you bum bigger.

    If you have the need to eat tons of sweets, exercise after.

  • Be careful – anything like cornbread – high in Carbs – isn’t goog for weight control, your body doesn’t process it completely and it gets added to your fat stores.

  • Depends on how much cornbread you eat.

  • Cornbread ***

  • No, it’s the ribs, beans, tater salad, and corn on the cob, that goes WITH the cornbread that does that !!!

  • mix cornbread with those hamhocks and yes.

  • any fatty food makes ur вυŧŧ bigger

  • you know dear

    as they used to say it

    everything in moderation

    meaning eat only a little at a time

    good luck

    I Love corn bread

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