Does drinking alcohol faster make you drunker?

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Like you drink a enough alcohol to get a buzz but drink it really fast does it make u more drunk?


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  • it hits you faster because your drinking faster but you also have a higher chance of getting sick and vomiting.

  • Not only does it make you drunk quicker, it makes you drunker!

    Let’s consider why. Assume that you can drink a beer in 1 minute if you really want to. Then, let’s say that you could also sip on that beer for 20 minutes. While you are sipping on beers, let’s say it takes 4 to get drunk.

    So, if you drink 4 beers, 20 minutes each, you willl have spent 80 minutes since opening the first to finishing the 4th. In this 80 minute span, your body has processed the alcohol from the 1st beer entirely. It’s gone. You’re also 1/3rd through the 2nd beer. So, you’ve finished 4 beers but have 2.75 beers worth of alcohol in your bloodstream.

    Compare to drinking 4 beers in 10 minutes. You’ve removed almost no alcohol, and have something like 3.9 beers in your bloodstream.

    So, yes, drinking quicker makes you more drunk and it makes you drunk quicker.

  • Alcohol Fast


    A straw draws liquid from the bottom of the glass. Depending on what you are drinking, many drinks will seperate and the heavier liquid will go to the bottom portion of the glass. A lot of alcohol is heavier than a lot of soda so you suck up the alcohol in the straw before you get to the soda. It also makes you drink faster and more than just sipping expecially if ice makes your teeth hurt. I hope this makes sense.

  • There is some anecdotal evidence that alcohol sipped through a straw is more potent than simply drinking straight from the glass. Drinking through a straw helps mix air with the alcohol, carrying it to the nasal cavity where it is absorbed more rapidly. An even flow of alcohol also boosts absorption efficiency. google it if you don’t believe it!

  • A straight shot is more potent and you drink it fast. If you sip a shot over ice it is less likely to give you a hangover. The sugar in the mixes is what gives the hangover. Straight GOOD Whiskey, Vodka etc. over ice is best.

  • yes it does … binge drinking makes you extremely drunk but its very bad for your health

  • it doesnt make you drunker, just makes you drunker QUICKER.

  • It doesn’t make you more drunk, it just makes you drunk quicker.

  • depends on the alcohol.

    i think it does though

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