does forest green and black match? 12 easy points…?

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need QUICK answers, please? yes or no? thanks. x

21 Answers

  • i perfer it with white or brown

    but yes it goes together

    and if you are like you say

    a “sk8r girl”

    then it seems like it would

    match with you steriotype…

  • Black goes with any color as well as white.

    I agree with the post above.wear some silver with it to add some variety.

    Or try using a forest green,black and then a lighter forest green.So there are 3 colors.It would look kinda plain if it was just the two colors.Fancy it up.!Have fun!!=)

  • YES. black goes well with everything. you can use accessories to bring out the unique shades forest green has with certain fabrics and use brighter greens in your hair to bring out your face if you want….

    Source(s): Lived around too many girls that did nothing but match and accessorize.
  • Yes. Black goes with almost anything.

  • Yes. Black looks good with almost anything, and 2 dark colors are more slimming than a dark and a light color, or a dark and a bright color.

  • Yes, very nice. Black goes good with everything 🙂

  • Black works with almost everything, so I’d say yes.

  • it matches,

    everything goes with black

    try to wear two pieces colored forest green,

    and don’t forget accessiores, wear silver

  • based on the formality and style of dress, if it particularly is casual i could circulate with white turn-flops (constantly lovable, suits with distinctly much something). If it particularly is formal, i could circulate with some heels that are easy colored (ie, white). or you could attempt steel ballet apartments. solid success. 🙂

  • yes it does… so does maroon and black… a brighter green would be better with black… it would pop more hope that helped.

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