Does Gaara die again? (Spoilers)?

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I know Gaara dies when Shukaku is extracted but someone told me that later in the manga he dies again. I’ve googled it multiple times but can’t find anything. I don’t want to keep reading if he dies again and after I found out Asuma dies (damn my boyfriend for that) I’m iffy about Gaara. Someone answer please.

7 Answers

  • Gaara doesn’t die again after Shukaku gets pulled out of him.

  • *Laughs* i’ve got seen this published in the previous. yet this time, because of the fact the Akatsuki chief has been revealed and all, I ought to declare. FAN FIC. the only element it truly is genuine is Sakura being Tsunade’s pupil and Gaara being Kazekage. and that’s it. Sasuke’s way of killing Orochimaru did no longer have any help from Kabuto. in fact, you need to even say Kabuto saved Orochimaru by potential of merging his remains with himself. you recognize that if this grow to be genuine, Itachi have been given an invitation from the 4th as a 5 365 days previous??? And from what’s super-unfold now, Naruto is maximum possibly to get inclusive of Sakura…

  • You’re left out aren’t you? Just keep reading.

    Since you wanted spoilers, I’ll give you some:

    Gaara dies but then Granny Chiyo brings Gaara back to life using reincarnation technique which costs her life. Naruto helps her and offers some of his chakra, then Gaara goes back to life again!! but Granny Chiyo dies.

    But then, I still don’t know what happens to him since he lost his jinchuuriki. Happy reading! (-^_^-)’

    Long live Gaara<3!!

  • no gaara does not die again. keep reading, it gets much better.

  • He doesn’t die from what we’ve seen so far in the manga. Please don’t listen to crazy fans, most of them make up things and spread them across the internet, hate ppl like that. -.-

  • People are making up lies again…

  • no he doesn’t die

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