Does it bother you when people say PIN number or ATM machine?

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Just wondering. Also wondering if people are wondering why on Earth this would bother anyone.

(When you’re saying PIN number, you’re saying Personal Identification Number number, and ATM machine is Automatic Teller Machine machine, for those of you who don’t know)

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  • I can see how saying a word twice could annoy you. I say “PIN number” but I usually just say “ATM” rather than “ATM machine.” Sometimes I find it a little annoying but nothing to get upset about.

  • You are absolutely right … but if this kind of things bothers you now (and I assume you are under 40), you are going to need tranquilizers later in life! I play Yahoo! dominoes and gin. The thing that gets to me is how illiterate people are when they chat and spell: be you wit dat my bro? I be have taco soon, be good eatin’. And lastly … did you know that there is an “ATM” that has nothing to do with a “machine”? At least not an inorganic machine. Best …

  • Someone have acroɴʏмᴘнobia? It saves time over speaking or writing the whole thing out.

    Edit: Ohhhhhh, I see what you’re saying. It was 2:30 AM when I answered, so I didn’t catch it. Yes, when I speak, I make a point of saying, “Go to the ATM and enter your PIN.” The pleonastic forms annoyed me greatly when those things first appeared, but I’ve become so accustomed to hearing them from others that I just tolerate it. Far more bothersome to me are the people who cave in and put “alright” in the dictionary, or who go around saying “I could care less.”

  • It bothers me a little, more with “ATM machine” than “PIN number.” Not a big deal, though. It bugs me much more when I hear “very unique,” “I gave 200%,” and the like.

  • It bothers me–just a little though. Saying what the last letter stands for is redundant.

    Also, VIN number is another one.

  • i’ve heard and said both and it doesnt bother me. it is redundant if you think about it, but most of the time i think people are just trying to get the message across rather than being gramatically correct.

  • Not really.

    Many people don’t realize they are repeating themselves.

    So what if it’s redundant?

  • nope – don’t know why it would bother anyone

  • No

  • not really

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