Does Jason Voorhees have a middle name?

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Michael Myers has a middle name (Michael Audrey Myers)

Freddy Krueger has a middle name (Frederick Charles Krueger)

my question is does Jason Voorhees have a middle name?

9 Answers

  • I think its Montgomery

  • Jason Voorhees Middle Name

  • Actually. It is a little known fact his middle name is, Lark. After Jason goes to New York he was cast as a member of Saved By the Bell.

  • Jebadiaha

  • nope, just plain old Jason Voorhees.

  • His middle name is cited in some sources as being “Elias” after his father.

  • Nope, he doesn’t have one at all. I’m a fan of this and already researched.

  • apple

  • he does but he is really embarrassed about it.

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