Does Ponyo mean anything?

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I’m so excited to see Hayao Miyazaki’s new film Ponyo and I was wondering why Sosuke named the fish girl Ponyo. Does it mean anything in particular?

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  • Ponyo’s name is an onomatopoeia, based on Miyazaki’s idea of what a “soft, squishy softness” sounds like when touched.

  • What Does Ponyo Mean

  • It’s the Japanese onomatopoeic sound (what they hear) when you touch something that’s soft and jiggly. Kinda like “boing” in English. ♫♪Ponyo, ponyo, ponyo, sakana no ko♪♫

  • I’ve heard that it’s a colloquial/onomatopoeic term. Something that’s soft and squishy/springy goes ‘ponyo ponyo’.

  • AHHHHHH MEE TOOO!!! =D That is like the first ever anime movie I fell in love with. I’m not sure what it means…fish or suishy thing…something like that?

  • Ponyo is just a name; it seems to have no real meaning behind it

  • bibo yours is the best answer thank u a lot

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