Does size matter?

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Me and a friend had this discussion, as many before us did most likely … and while I think that there has to be a happy medium (no millimeter peter and no untalented hacks) she seems to think that all a guy needs is a big c*ck. Lets hear your answers!!!!

lol I wonder if the guys that said that size don’t matter have a small ᴘᴇcκᴇʀ! hehe

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  • honey..yes it does…a bigger c*ck is more fun to play with and ꜱᴜcκ…and feels a lot better in my mouth before I get rewarded with a creamy mouthful

  • I would have to say it DOES matter. Matters in the way of not too big, and not too small. Fitting just right is more how size matters. If it is too small the sensation for both of you won’t be enjoyable and might take 10 times as long as you both are really comfortable with. If it is too big, then it is extremely painful, painful in certain positions, or isn’t getting anywhere near the fun spot.

    So depends obviously on the girl, and on the guy. Some girls are really little and need just enough.

    I have tried the whole, It isn’t very big, but I know how to work it, and I just really got bored. Much more work than it was worth.

    Also been the other way, where,it’s too big and that thing isn’t going near my body.

    Guys that claim the whole giving birth thing is why is bs. Totally different situation, Not to mention super painful. It goes right back to where it was before birth also by the way.

  • size does matter, too small and it’s like there’s nothing there but huge can be just uncomfortable. Think it’s really important that the guy has a bit more than just a big one, needs some talent.

  • I’ve had girls tell me mine was a really big one for them . . . walking funny and whole 9, to not letting me give it to them in certain positions because it “hurt too much”; and then never call me again; and I know why: because I laid her twice and was terrible at it. I don’t know — my concentration was off both times.

    But then I had this other one who was saying the same stuff about the size only for me to show her the time, and she wouldn’t stop calling me. So it depends.

  • It really depends on the girl and the ability. I am not too big so a big one would hurt. Pain is not my thing! I prefer something that fits and someone who knows how to work it…that would describe my guy perfectly!

  • as a man let me say this…size doesnt matter, cause a woman can open up to let a 10lb, 18″ baby out, so no man is gonna measure up to that…

  • it really doesn’t matter about the size, it matters how you use it. everyone thinks that bigger is better, just like guys like bigger chests on girls. It really doesn’t matter, experience matters!!!

  • no size does not matter. it is the person that matters. not the size of the tool.

  • kinda, but if you work at it a bit, sometimes you can excite a man so much, you’ll add inches to his ᴘᴇɴιꜱ he never even knew he had, then you’re both happy.

  • no. size really doesn’t matter cause its only so far it can go its all aout how well he does the job

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