Does That ’70s show have a laugh track or is it a studio audience?

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I’m pretty sure that it’s a laugh track but i could be mistakened

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  • The episodes of the show were recorded in front of a live audience. However, on the show they use a laugh track. I saw the True Hollywood Story on E!, too. The reason they use the laugh track and not the actual audience’s laughter is because they could not control it. I watch the show everyday. I have most of the seasons on DVD. I love That ’70s Show! I’m watching it right now as I answer. lol

  • i think it’s a laugh track too, at the end of the episodes it never said “filmed before a studio audience”

  • well sometimes its a laugh track but there were mostly filmed in front of an audience

  • I think its a laugh track

  • I under no circumstances did get the snicker track, I recommend, on Scooby Doo, it is so ineffective, and remember the Jackson 5ive sketch? They snicker container might erupt in laughter over the smallest component, yet not snicker for the period of the unquestionably pun. So i might say stay. In All interior the kin they had to decrease the stay sound by minutes, Sammy Davis Jr. kissing Archie became a huge 2d on that instruct.

  • laugh track

  • It is a studio audience. I was watching the THS on E! and they showed them.

  • Or another way to answer… Have you ever heard anyone cough or sneeze In any episodes?

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