does the percent sign come before or after the number?

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i know its simple question. dont make fun of me. lol.

7 Answers

  • After example 100%

  • Percent Sign

  • Percent Symbol

  • After E.g. 88%

    Christine♥ and hilo1324 are the only ones that actually posted helpful Answers. And the fact that these two were downvoted for answering the question instead of insulting the OP or ѕнι𝓉posting show exactly whats wrong the YA Community.

    If someone asks a question or needs help with something, no matter how stupid or obvious it seems to you. They probably have little to no experience with it or just plain don’t know. So when you see these posts either try to help, or ignore them.

    But that’s just my opinion, you guys can do whatever you want.

    As the two I mentioned, and I at the beginning said it’s after E.g. 98.5%

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  • After

    Example 75%

    And dont worry we all ask dumb questions

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