Does the town of Painters Mill, Ohio really exist?

Is there really a Painters Mill, Ohio or is it a fictional place?

For all you stupid idiots…..of course I googled it!!! My search was inconclusive!! Every entry for the town was about a fictional movie that used the town, Painters Mill, Ohio as the setting for the book and movie!! I watched the movie and am now trying to determine if Painters Mill, Ohio really exists!

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  • I also tried to Google it on the Google map and found nothing. Even though I do not live in Ohio, I was born and raised there, and recognize other towns and cities mentioned in the book, I don’t remember ever hearing of a place called Painters Mill. We often visited relatives in and around Holmes County, and I am familiar with the names of many small towns (Shreve, Big Prairie, Funk, Trail, Marshallville, and Kidron to name a few). My best guess would be that Painters Mill is fictional, but other communities mentioned such as Columbus, Millersburg, Keene, Massilon, Canton, Zanesville, etc. are real.

  • Painters Mill

  • Sorry, Chandler is wrong. There is a PaintserVILLE which is nowhere near Amish country, so the answer is no, it does not exist. From the author herself, “Because my Kate Burkholder series is set in the fictitious town of Painters Mill, which is located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, many of my events take place in that general area….”

  • Yes, it really exists. It’s midway between Columbus and Dayton, but the movie wasn’t filmed there. It was filmed in Shomberg, Ontario, Canada.

  • Good pertinent answers, thankyou

  • i m guess it s supposed to be millersburg or berlin

  • No

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