Does too much rim REALLY make the ride too hard?

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  • tyga said so, so yeah

  • I think I understand your one sentence question… The wider the rim (and tire) equates to more rubber on the road & thus more rolling resistance. But it’s also air pressure in the tire. Theoretically, narrower tires with high pressure will roll easier with less resistance.

    But the world is not perfect. Just because a road bike tire can go up to 125 psi or so doesn’t’ mean it will perform best at 125 psi. On a rough road & a light rider – 125 psi could be too high resulting in the bike bouncing.

    Comfort bikes & mountain bikes work best on city streets when their tires are pumped up to max or close to max psi. Because they are wider & hold less air – psi speaking.

  • You need to explain what you mean by “too much rim”. Are you asking about a problem with using the wrong size tyres, or something else?

  • Too hard to pedal or too hard of a ride.

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  • i could explain but i doubt you would get it

    answer == no

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