does toys r us drug test for employment??

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i plan on filling out a application and i was wondering even if it sounds stupid do they do a drug test? thanks

who ever said yes…did they do it when you applied because i have only smoked about 4 time 3 within the past few days and i plan on applying sometime next week. should i be good? should i try the visine in the ᴘᴇᴇ? if all comes to worse ill swap out my ᴘιss with a friends

8 Answers

  • as a drug user, do you really think you are well suited to selling toys to kids?

  • no, they don’t, not upon hiring. After you are hired and they think you are using drugs, then they can randomly ask you to get one done. I worked there over the Christmas season, IT SUCKED REALLY BAD!!!!

  • Yes They do

  • I guess it could be worse…you could have asked about working at a day care.

  • as long as they don’t garlic test I’m a happy camper!

    Source(s): I’m a garlic head!
  • No

  • no, or otherwise no onewould work there.

  • no, not in MS.

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