Does unoƿє-ṅєd STP fuel injector cleaner expire (go bad)?

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I was cleaning out my garage and came across an unoƿє-ṅєd 12oz bottle of STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Treatment. It’s about 5 or 6 years old. Is it still safe to use? I don’t see any expiration date on the bottle.

I don’t even really care if it helps my car a lot; I just want to get rid of it somehow, and I don’t want to put it in the trash because it’s combustible. I figure I’ll “dispose” of it by using it, but not if it’s gone bad and could possibly harm my car. Thanks!

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  • If theres no expiration date on it, and it’s unoƿє-ṅєd it should be ok. Maybe you could pour it through a strainer before you put it in your tank to make sure there’s no solids in it.

  • Not necessarily bad. However most of these products don’t work all that well either. I use a product called Sea Foam instead of STP. This stuff actually works. It costs more than most of the other fuel system cleaners you buy. However it works so well that you don’t need to use it in every tank. I use it about every 4 months. True story. A couple of years back my Brother-in-law brought me my nephew’s dirt bike to work on. It was in storage for about 2 years. It still had fuel in the tank and the gas valve was left on. He did nothing to prepare this bike for storage. There was no fuel stabilizer used in the fuel. Needless to say the carburetor was in bad condition from this. I disassembled the carburetor. I tried all sorts of carburetor cleaners but there were some small fuel passages that I could not get clean. As a last resort I took a bottle of Sea Foam and poured it in a coffee can. I added the carburetor parts and allowed them to soak for about 1/2 hour. This did the trick. The Sea Foam dissolved all of the gunk in the carburetor. All of the passages were clear and the carburetor was squeaky clean. I put the carburetor together. Added fresh gas to the tank. The bike started on the third kick and ran just like new. Sea Foam actually works.

  • I would go ahead and use it; it may have lost some of its effectiveness cleaning your injectors, but I doubt it would hurt your car.

  • most lilkely if you shake it it wil be fine but really if your not sure just toss it

  • fill up your tank; pour it in. you’ll be fine.

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