Does water make you less drunk or more drunk?

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  • Neither but it makes you less full. Mixing alcohol with cokes or sodas add extra calories and make you full faster. Water is better for you!

  • Water Makes You More Drunk

  • The person above me is right. It is a good idea though to drink plenty of water before, during and after an awesome night of drinking. This will greatl reduce deyhdration, lessening or deterring a hangover the next day.

  • The only proven method to make you less drunk is time! so Neither, I THINK, is the correct answer.

  • Drinking water has nothign to do with how drunk you are. It has to do with how you feel the next day; MORE water = LESS hungover b/c alcohol is a diuretic (aka drains ur body of water, which is partially waht causes ur body to feel hungover )

  • “More drunk” hahahaha. Yeah that reminds me, me and my friend are having a wild party tonight if you wanna come. They’re bringin’ heaps of water…you’re gonna get so wasted 😛

  • it makes you less drunk.

    mark/guard your bottle!

    my sister used to spike my vodka with water after she ‘borrowed’ from it…

    How can water make you ‘more drunk?’

    i feel the hate.

    “Does water make you feel less drunk or more drunk?”

    adding anything to your drink wil make you ‘less drunk.’

    or at the very least take you more time to get drunk.

    might as well drink beer!

    to give me 4% is utter bull. at least give me a thumbs up.

    yeah,forget marking your bottle. just hide your bottle!!!

    I am going to drink lots of water before i go to bed! So i don’t wake up with a hangover!


    “Does water make you less drunk or more drunk?”



    God Damn It!

    I am done with this none sense!!!

    Source(s): adding anything to your ‘drink’ will dilute it!

    Making it less potent..DUH!!!

  • obviously less drunk!

  • Alcohol is absorbed in our system and does not mix with water, so can not be diluted truely. Your body can be “busy” digesting other particles ie. fats. carbs. etc.

  • more drunk

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