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I have no credit cards or loans. I just oƿє-ṅєd the account that this took place on because I jsut turned 18 and had to get off the minor account. I heard it can happen when you have a loan or credit card but I don’t. Does anyone have any idea of what this is about?

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  • Call the bank and find out. You can guess all day long, and probably still not figure it out.

  • Right Of Setoff To Acct

  • I just had the same problem, if you have a college checking with a parent or someone that can see your account from their online banking(you might not be able to see theirs from your online account) and they over drafted the account for a period of time they fix it with the next account with money in it. It seems fishy to me and I’m trying to get it reversed. If you do have an account like that then you need the person who has the account attached to call the bank because they wont give you any information.

  • what the heck…i just saw that on my account too for almost that same exact amount! Except mine was because my husband overdrew his bank account and so they took it from our joint to fix it.

    do you have 2 accounts and maybe overdrew one of them?

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