Drag the labels to the correct locations on these images of human chromosomes.

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Learning through Art: Chromosomes Can you corectly label these images of chromosomes? Part A Drag the labels to the correct locations on these images of human chromosomes homologous chromosomes sister chromatids karyotype autosommes centromere


A- Homologous chromosomes – These are chromosome pair which are
inherited from each parent that is one from male and on other one
from the female. Gene position is same in these chromosomes but the
alleles may differ.

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B- centromere – region on the chromosome where the sister
chromatids get attached and also spindle does attached to
centromere during mitosis.

C – sister chromatids – half of the chromosome that has been

D- autosomes – these chromosomes does not account for sex

E- sex chromosomes – out of total 23 pairs of chromosomes in
human, one is sex chromosomes which accounts for sex

F- karyotype – is a picture of chromosomes of a person which
evaluates the number, size, shape etc of the chromosomes.

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