ear piercing bleeding and hurting ALOT after 6 months?

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i got my ear lobe piercings done in april

they never completely healed and i dont know why

they’d be ok then the next day theyd be hurting

i switched to real gold earrings too but they still hurt

my left one was hurting alot so i took it out to clean it earlier

it was bleeding ALOT so i didnt want to put the gold earring back in

i dont want my peircings to close up

what can i do T_T

i dont really wanna go to a doctor either

ive been cleaning my ears everyday since i got them pierced

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  • If it’s still going on after 6 months, then they are infected. I had the same problem. But you can still keep them in if you start cleaning then everyday, twice a day until the bleeding and pain goes away. But you should stop using the claires cleaning kit, or ear cleaners because those dont do **** for an infected ear piercing. Start using dial antibacterial soap to clean it with first. And if you can find it in your area a special healing oil called Tea Tree Oil. It worked best for me. But Vitamin E works well too. This should help and heal your ears in a couple weeks to a month. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Own Experience.
  • when I had my ear cartilidges pierced, I bumped one in all them right into a door! It harm and all started bleeding, there change into even a bump! What I did change into took Q-tip and the ear cleanser that the piercing position gave me, and wiped clean it around the ear. It change into sore for a lengthy time period, in spite of the undeniable fact that it did heal. I assure you that you will be nice. If a pair days pass and also you’re nevertheless bleeding, worried, or be conscious some thing unusual around the pierced section, then go see your physician.

  • Your piercer may have not been as sanitary as is required for such a body modification so bacteria has likely gotten inside the piercings as they were done. It sounds like you have a mad infection going from the piercings and I would recommend that you go to your family doctor and talk to them about it. They may be able to prescribe you some antibiotics that will help clear up the infection.

    Source(s): Experience.
  • You need to see a doctor before you get a bad infection.

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