“Eat great, even late” –Taco Bell or Wendy’s?

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Which fast-food establishment says, “Eat great, even late?” None of the commercials with this slogan are playing on television and I tried typing the slogan into a google search engine. I’m really just wondering for my own knowledge =) thanks a bunch!

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  • wendy’s. taco bell is think outside the bun.

  • Taco Bell’s slogans have been modified from time to time, including “Run for the border”, “Fetch that food!” and “Eat Great, Even Late”. The company’s slogan “Think outside the bun” reflected its competition with hamburger-selling enterprises.

    if you want to make sure – I got that directly from this website:



    Wendy’s continued that trend with future slogans including: “Quality Is Our Recipe”, “Eat Great, Even Late”, “It’s Better Here”, “Do What Tastes Right”, and most recently, “It’s Not Just Fast Food, It’s Wendy’s”.

    Comes from this site:


    (thus your confusion I’m sure…)

    So I looked at both Wendy’s and Taco Bell’s websites – and Taco Bell claims their tagline to be “Think outside the box” (and fourthmeal is their latenight snack) – and Wendy’s doesn’t have their tagline on site currently…

    So by elimination – I’d have to say that my memory says that “Eat great – even late” is Wendy’s.

  • It’s Wendy’s. Taco bell’s is “Think outside the bun”

  • Wendy’s.

  • Wendy’s.

  • Taco Bell, best fake mexican food for 89 cents that you can find anywhere !

  • it should be “Eat great, even late, then have a big shyt” hahahah

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