electron orbitals question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111?

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determine the # of electrons in s orbitals in the Ti 2+ ion.

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  • Normally for transition metals you would just move two elements to the left of element in question and find the valence electrons of that element.

    For Ti however, you cannot do that. Since the electron configuration of Ti is a little different due to the fact that it has an incompletely filled d subshells. Normally you would expect the electron configuration of Ti to be [Ar] 4s23d2, but in actuality it is 4s13d3. If you took two electrons away due to the +2 charge, you would have 4s13d1. So if you count the electrons of the Ti2+ in the s orbital only, you have 1 from each of H, He, Li, Be, Na, Mg, and K. So the answer is 7.

  • Orbital Diagram For Ti

  • This is not hard if you read your book.

    The topic is electronic configurations.

    For this specific question all you need to know is that there is S-orbitals, P-orbitals and d-orbitals… for now. There is more.

    You need to know hund’s rule and specifically this diagram:


    Okay, so now that you understand electron configuration,

    first two columns of periodic table are the S orbitals, the columns, 3-12 are the d-orbitals, and columns, 13-18 are p orbitals (exclude H and He in P, they’re s)

    so, for example, we know, Be is element 4, so we must have 1S2,2S2. Okay? S holds 2 electron, P 6 electrons, d 10.

    so, aXb, a is the principal quantum number (or row in diagram), X is orbital, and b is number of electrons.

    eg2) N, 1s2,2s2,2p3.

    Clear? if not look at the diagram, look at nitrogen in periodic table, and read your book.

    For Ti2+.

    we look at tin, its element 22.

    so, we look at periodic table, and we don’t worry about the inner shells, so we say, [Ar],4s2,3d2 (why 4 then 3 Quantum # ? look at diagram!), we only care about outer electrons, the inner ones are basically locked.

    We know Ti is 2+ oxidation state, so we SUBTRACT 2 electrons from outer shells, we will have [Ar],4S2.

    Say we had K+, ground is [Ar],4s1.

    since we have K+, the configuration is [Ar], say K2+ we have [Ne],3s2,3p5.

    So back to your question.

    we have 8e in S orbitals for Ti 2+ because we will have 1s,2s,3s and 4s full, since each one holds two electrons, we have 8 electrons in s orbitals.

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    electron orbitals question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111?

    determine the # of electrons in s orbitals in the Ti 2+ ion.

  • Ti2+ mans that we have 20 electrons

    can be:









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