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Compare and contrast the lyric poetry of the Anglo-Saxon period to the Renaissance based on the selections you read in Units 1 and 4. Describe what literary devices were commonly used and what themes were most frequently addressed in both periods. Include at least one specific example from each period


Thomas Gray has sometimes been classified as a pre-Romantic writer. Romantic writers valued emotional experience over logical arguments, nature and common people over organized society, and imagination over reason. What evidence from “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” supports Gray’s classification as a pre-Romantic?

The purpose of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is to present the entire spectrum of human personalities by showing their qualities, flaws, and eccentricities. How does the author accomplish this feat? What attitude toward humankind emerges from this narrative poem?

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  • I can only help you with contrasting the periods from what I can read as I know next to nothing about poetry. Themes and devises are beyond me.

    Based on the sections I would say that Anglo-Saxon poetry seems deal with directly handling the human condition as opposed to Renaissance poems which explore the creative and experimental side of human nature through more abstract ideas like nostalgia, imagination and emotion.

    To take this further you could also say that the Anglo-Saxon period would be the study of mans qualities within what is to be considered the social norm of the time. Renaissance poetry in a slightly different way examines man potential against the social norm in an effort to transcend it.

  • The first is approximately john who bought killed via now not paying concentration to what he used to be doing considering he used to be studying promoting indicators at the street. Lather can imply agitated or flustered The moment poem subject matter is, “Don’t inform me approximately it, exhibit me” this means that that you can say the sky is blue however is that this now not higher? “The sky used to be wearing a blue robe with white lace.”

  • problematic matter. try searching into yahoo and bing. that will can help!

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