evaporated milk and cereal?

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can I use canned evaporated milk with regular breakfast cereal? Will it taste the same as say, whole milk?

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  • No, it doesn’t taste the same because it is not the same. But it’s not bad. Just remember that canned milk has been condensed so you need to add water. I think that I remember that the canned milk has been reduced by 40% so you would reconstitute it at 6 parts milk to 4 parts water.

  • I kind of do that a lot when I was a kid and until now. For me it’s better with evaporated milk since it tastes sweeter. We didn’t have milk in cartons 2 decades ago. So with very limited choices, I grew up having evaporated milk in my cereals. It’s actually pretty good.

    However, if you’re conscious about your weight. This might not be advisable.

  • mix a lttle water with the can milk, tatse just fine by me, with a liitle sugar of course.

  • you probably can, give it a try and see if you like the taste of it, I do like it in coffee though.

  • when I was a kid mom used it .in mash potato’s.

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