Ex is potentially moving back home?

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So last October me and my gf broke up because of long distance. We have since both moved on and A while back I cut off all social media connections. Last month she looked me up on Instagram and liked one of my photos. A few weeks later I sent her a text and found out that she got a new job and will be moving (Potentially back home). I want to tell her that i want her to move home but don’t know if I should. Any advice would be helpful. Should I say anything to her? Should I tell her how I feel or just wait it out and see what she does? She hasn’t decided if she’s moving back. Just a possibility. 

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2 Answers

  • maybe you should call her

  • Im a bit confused, you said you “want her to move home” but it also sounds like you kindve still care for her and don’t want her to? (Unless Im wrong)

    She still thinks of you since she took the time to look you up and like your pic. Maybe she was doing that to see if you’d do anything back?

    You only live life once right? So yesss! Tell her how you feel! She won’t know till you say something. You might regret it later if you don’t. Maybe she’s waiting for you to say something, then both of you are just waiting and wondering. You guys are already broken up and moved on, what more harm can come by saying something to her? I say tell her. 

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