Expanded octet chemistry problem?

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Could you please explain this problem for me.

How many of the following elements can form compounds with an expanded octet?

I, O, Cl, Xe

2 Answers

  • Xe, Xe has a full octet of electrons. when it is involved in the formation of a compound, it has to expand the room available to bond to another element and accept the ‘extra’ electrons from that element

    in ClF3, Cl expands its ‘octet’ to accomodate 2 extra F atoms.


    F – Cl – F


    the F atoms fulfill the octet rule but Cl now has 10 electrons

    I can expand its octet when forming I3-

    I – I – I


    the 2 end I atoms have full octets while the central I atom has 10 electrons.

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