Facebook You are trying too often. Please try again later.?

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Well all day I’ve been spacing out how many times I’ve logged in. Now I’ve only attempted once per hour to log in and that it still says the same thing, I’ve tried everything. Reset password, trying to see if my account has been hacked,, and nothing. Today is 2/26/14 and I’m worried, a little bit.

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  • Have you tried emptying out your cookies on your computer? Try doing that and rebooting your computer, and see if that helps.

  • 2/27/2014 8:44 a.m. Mountain Time Zone

    Been having the same issue here for about an hour. Judging by the comments I’ve been running into here and on other sites, the problem is on FB’s end; the hubby and mom can not log into their accounts either. Gonna grab a good book and maybe check it later this afternoon. Good luck all!

  • I am not clearing out everything just for Facebook. I find that if I sign in on in a different browser, then I try Chrome again, it works fine.

  • I am having the same issue from a desk top for 2 days but I am able to log in from my phone and iPad. I have several FB accounts for many purposes some work and some don’t. SMH

  • I have been receiving the “Please try again later, You are trying too often. Please try again later.” error message when using Google Chrome in the last 48 hours. I submitted a bug feedback.

    I have been able to log back in using Explorer. I check my FB activity and all the locations are from my PC.


  • If you can’t login because you forgot your password, then open your email which you use it to login through facebook and you can open your account from your email.

    if your using browser like internet explore then try another browser like chrome or mozilla firefox and try to login through them.

    you can use your username to login

    i think your problem you might forgot your password, because if your account is hacked the hacker will change email and password and while you’re to logging in fb will tell you whether password or email was changed.

    or message will be sent directly to your email that password and email was changed at then respond to this message that you never did this change and you’ll get back your account.

  • i have been trying now for two days and still get trying to many times try again later , when is later?

  • I have been having the same problem since 2/26. Sent FB help desk an email but have not heard anything.

  • I have the same problem and it started yesterday, 2/26/14. I’m unable to resolve the issue either and can’t find a solution.

  • I’m having the same problem since last night tried again today still cant get on but I can on my phone just not laptop.

  • Having the same issue here..cannot find any help on facebook and husband gets same message as I do but this is only when signing into the laptop. I am able to use my phone and nook so have no idea

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