Farsi translation help?

What does khareji mean?? Do it refer to foreigners in general or does it also apply to persians living abroad? And what does biamorzatesh mean?? 🙂

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  • ” khareji ” means “foreigners”

    “biamorzatesh” means “god bless him/her”

    … it’s not always for dead persons.. we want god to forgive her/him.

    Source(s): native speaker
  • Khareji means foreigners n it doesnt apply to iranians living abroad .

    Kharej = out door/ abroad

    Biamorzatesh = forgive him/her it can be used with god

    Khoda biamorzatesh = may god forgive him .

    It is mostly used when u wanna talk about a passed away person .

  • khareji means foreigners (formal) and it is used sometimes for a persian living abroad in a funny-friendly way (informal):D Sometimes, my freind called me in this way just for fun, for kidding.

    Biamorzatesh is a phrase used for people who passed away, to call him in a polite way. Giving details it means “God forgive him/her”.

  • Hey im persian

    Yes khareji mean foreigner

    And biamorzatesh mean:if a person dead we say biamorzatesh to god keep him or her self and protect him from any bad things

    I hope you under stand:)

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