Filling out a job application what do you write on work performed for a restaurant job?

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I’m filling out a job application and I’ve come to the work history section. I’ve been a waitress and I’m trying to fill out the work performed section. It seem obvious to me what a waitress does so I don’t know what to put on the application. Do I say took orders and brought food to tables?

Please give me ideas of what I should put for the Work Performed section.

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  • yes you can write that,or simply you can write waitress again since it is understood.if you were for example a software designer,then you could have written there designing softwares.but since previous job of yours cannot be described more precisely you can write there waitress and mention in brackets (took oders and brought food to the table OR served food to people). =))

    good luck.All the best…hope you get the job 😀

  • I hope you are still living at home. You need to build a good job history you can put on your resume. Most employers look for an uninterrupted job history (unless there is a real good reason). When they see breaks in a job history it doesn’t look good. Don’t you have any volunteer experience you could put down. Volunteer experience is also job training. I don’t think I’d put the one down where you had the problem. This never looks good. Perhaps there are other things besides the resume that are causing a problem. How is your appearance? How are you on an interview? The resume is not the only thing to keep in mind. It never pays to lie. It comes back to bite you in the ɓυŧŧ.

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    Filling out a job application what do you write on work performed for a indutrial cutting tool operator

  • ok what you need to do here is bring out the transferable skills such as handled money, orders, provided good customer service as you dealt with problems or customers who were disatisfied in someway, work as a team in providing a service, presentable representative of the company you worked for as you were directly working with the public, liased with kitchen staff to meet customers’ requirements.

    so just a waitress huh?!

    good luck 🙂

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