Find sin θ if cot θ = – 2 and cos θ July 18, 2021 by thanh

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I know that it’s in Quadrant II and I know to change cotx to cosx/sin x and set it to equal to -2. What do I do next? How will I know what negative number cos is in order to solve this problem?

Could you please show me the steps to solve this problem? Please leave the answer in fraction form.

1 Answer

  • csc²(θ) = cot²(θ) + 1

    csc²(θ) = (-2)² + 1

    csc²(θ) = 5

    sin²(θ) = 1/5

    sin(θ) = √(5)/5 … It is positive, because, as you say, θ is in the second quadrant.

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