Find the current in the 4.00 ohm resistor in the drawing?

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I am having such a hard time starting this. I know we use kirchoff’s law but I just keep second guessing if I am setting up the problem right!

Can anyone at least help me start? I’m not really looking to find a final answer(would be nice but i can live without it), but I am most looking to understand how to do it (cause I expect this sort of stuff on my exam coming up)!

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Thanks for any help guys!

1 Answer

  • “a ‘ be the current through 2 Ω from left to right an b be the current through 8 Ω so that the current through 4 Ω is ( a +b)

    Considering the potential equations

    in the left loop

    6a +4 b = 9

    In the left loop

    12b + 4a = 15

    a = 0.86 A and b = 0.96 A and a + b = 1.82 A



    The assumed current a passes through both 2 Ω and 4 Ω, the sum of the potentials

    = 6 a .

    The assumed current meets the negative of the 6 V and 3V battery hence the potential is – 6V – 3V = – 9V

    The sum must be zero

    6a +4 b -9 = 0

    Similar explanation is for the other loop.


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