Find the planet’s nearest orbital distance from its star?

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A newly discovered planet orbits a distant star with the same mass as the Sun at an average distance of 128 million kilometers. Its orbital eccentricity is 0.5.

Find the planet’s ƒᴀʀтhest orbital distance from its star

2 Answers

  • (a+p)= 2 x average distance

    a+p= 128 x 2

    a+p= 256 million kilometers

    a-p= eccentricity x 2 x average distance

    a-p= .5 x 2 x 128

    a-p= 128 million kilometers

    make it a 2 step equation:

    128 + 2perihelion= 256

    subtract 128 from both sides:

    2perhelion= 128

    divide each side by 2:

    perihelion=64 million kilometers

    aphelion= 256 – 64

    aphelion= 192 million kilometers

    check the answer by doing (a-p) / (a+p) the answer should be .5

    (192-64) / (192+64)= .5

    the answer is correct.

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