Find the value of x. Round to the nearest degree.?

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I need help solving this problem

(I had a diagram with this picture but i can not post the pic of the diagram so i described it below)

The Hypotenuse is 9

The Adjacant is 7

The Opposite Side (I do not have the lenght)

x is the angle between the hypotenuse and opposite right above the right angle

Solve for x

3 Answers

  • You could just use the sine rule for this:

    (a / Sin A) = (b / Sin B) = (c / Sin C)

    Let little a = the hypotenuse. Then capital A is the angle between the adjacent and opposite (90 degrees). So:

    a / Sin A = 9 / Sin 90

    = 9 / 1

    = 9

    Therefore b / Sin B = 9. Let little b = the adjacent. Then capital B is the angle between the opposite and hypotenuse (i.e. the angle we want to find). So:

    b / Sin B = 9

    Sin B = b / 9

    = 7/9

    B = arcsin (7/9)

    = 51.06 degrees

    = 51 degrees (to nearest degree)

  • You’re contradicting yourself ! the “Opposite ” is the side opposite the angle , you appear to want to use Adjacent to mean Opposite. To clarify what I mean, sketch a right-anbled triangle, with the right angle on the right end of the base. If x is the angle “above” the right angle, then the Opposite is the base, and the Adjacent is the upright side – the word Adjacent means “beside – it is the sidethat along with the hypotenuse forms the angle. From your description, what you have called the Adjacent is actually the Opposite ! The Opposite is actually (in this case) the base of the triangle, so in that case, use sin x = 7/9 =07777. …. so x = sin^-1(0.77777…) or arcsin(0.7777….) – whichever you normally use, giving x = 51.05755… degrees – round off as you would normally do.

    Source(s): Retired Maths Teacher
  • sin(x) = 7/9 = 0.77778

    x = 51.05 degrees


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