FL Studio 9 – Scroll Lock turns on automatically?

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My scroll lock is enabled when i open FL Studio 9. Is there a way to disable this ?

2 Answers

  • The scroll lock key is linked to the auto scroll function in FL Studio. If you want to disable this you will need to turn off the auto scroll function in your template file and save the template.

    More on auto scroll (#10): http://flstudio.image-line.com/help/html/panel_rec…

  • Out of tune? Out of rhythm I can imagine (go to the little black box right next to the play button, click on the drop down menu and select “line” or “cell”). If it goes out of tune when you hit a constant note, you might want to look at the sampler channel itself: go to INS, then “PITCH” and if the red light next to TIME is on, deselect it)

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