Flexible material that holds shape?

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I am looking for some type of material that is thin and long…like a piping, tubing, or wiring…that is flexible enough to bend and twist, but is able to hold the shape it is placed in (anything ranging from very small diameter up to about an inch or maybe even inch in a half could suffice). I remember using material like this before and I’m sure I’ve even seen it integrated it into toys, but I’m not sure what to look for. I’m not searching for anything specific, just something along them lines. I checked a couple art and craft stores but could not find anything. I’m just not sure what I’m looking for exactly and definitely have no clue what it may be called.

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Any help? Thanks everyone.

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  • it sounds like you just want some kind of flexable metal wire…a skinnier wire will be more flexable and easy to bend and hold shape nearly as well as a heavier wire. but if your making a big shape i reccommend cнιcκen wire, works for most of my projects, but then again what are you trying to make?

  • Plastic insulated copper electrical wire will meet your specifications. You want solid (not stranded) in the smaller sizes (up to about 8 gauge) and heavy strands (not fine welding wire) in the really heavy stuff that goes to about 1/2″ The smaller wires are available in many colors, so will provide the appearance of tubing. As the wire gets larger it will be hard to find anything but black, white, red and maybe green.

    Hardware stores probably have solid electrical wire by the foot, electrical supply houses will sell rolls and may sell the larger by the foot.

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