Fluorine is a toxic, reactive gas. How would you explain why it so reactive?

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*Ok below is the full question.

Fluorine is a toxic, reactive gas. Which representation (structural formula, electron dot structure, or three-dimensional model) would you use to explain why fluorine is so reactive? Why?

I’m not sure as to which one. Plz help me. Need an explanation Thank You.

3 Answers

  • I think it’s something about the electrons that sets it out of balance and makes it reactive, so I’d pick the electron dot structure.

  • Fluorine Structural Formula

  • one reason flourine is reactive is that it has an incomplete outer electron shell.

    all elements ‘seek’ to have their outer shell filled. in flourine’s case, the outer shell requires 8 electrons to be filled, but fluorine only as 7 in it’s outer shell, so it’s ‘looking’ for 1 more

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