Games like snaps or black magic?

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Okay anybody know any other games with like a secret “trick” like snaps or black magic or umbrella or fundamentals? I like those games theyre fun to play, thanks for the help in advance.

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  • I’ve got one, I’ll call it “This is the point of the game”

    You hold out your thumb and say “this is the point of the game”, then put up your index finger (keep your thumb out) and say “this is one”, put up your middle finger and say “this is two”, etc. until all your fingers are up and you’ve said “this is four.” Then hold up any combination of any number of fingers (for example, 3 of them) and ask the question “so what’s this?” The secret answer is, it’s 5, since that’s the number of fingers you were holding up BEFORE. After a person correctly guesses 5, hold up another set of fingers, any at all. The correct answer will be 3, since that’s what you were holding up previously. And so on until they get the trick. Hence, “this is the point of the game.”

    Can you tell me how to play snaps? I heard it was some secret thing that no one could ever reveal

  • Games Like Black Magic

  • me and my friends used to play some of that : black magic, the music room, right by the beach and the barber shop. they’re very tricky and funny.

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