Garrett’s or Nuts On Clark?

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Who makes better popcorn in Chicago out of these two stores? I honestly can’t decide! Give me your answer and a compelling reason for your vote! 🙂

7 Answers

  • Nuts on Clark does hit the spot when I can’t get to Garrett’s….I’d have to say that they’re running neck and neck…….

  • Nuts On Clark Chicago

  • Nuts On Clark Popcorn

  • Be serious. Garrett’s Popcorn Shop top Nuts On Clark. You can smell the popcorn from that store blocks away and the line is always out the door.Have you ever taken the bus or el just to go downtown to buy there popcorn? I have.The bag of popcorn is hot and sticky fingers you don’t mine because it is good popcorn. I think the cheese and caramel mix is the best.

  • GARRETT! My husband had to fly through ChiTown & decided to surprise me he’s not a huge popcorn person but I am he thought he had the correct kind til I seen the bag & said who ‘s he** is nuts on clark? I said this isn’t GARRETT he said oh I thought this was the one I liked! I tasted it anyways & no chance not even the taste GARRETT has the buttery flavor cheese Hands the creamy Carmel wasn’t there I told him thank u babe but next time don’t fly through ChiTown without going to Garrett don’t bring me nothing else

  • Garretts, of course have you tasted the two?

  • NUTS ON CLARK! but i love the almonds most!!!

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