Geometry : Find the area of the rhombus. Leave your answer in simplest radical form.?

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So one diagonal is 3, and then it gives that one angle or whatever is 60 degrees.

How do I find the area? I’m so lost i’ve been trying to figure this out for hours lol..

The 60 degree angle is positioned like this : here’s the link!/ReneeNapier/status/20260589…

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  • where is the position of angle 60 degrees in your diagram ?

    Need the diagram !

  • well a rhomus is a parallelogram with 4 equal sides. and by looking at it, you have 4 angles total, with 2 of the same ones. so lets say you drew the diagram so it looks like a diamond. your top angle is 60 degrees, and the two sides are 3 each. we draw a line horizontally through the diamond. using the cosine law, we can find the length of the horizontal line we just drew.

    a^2=b^2 + c^2 -2bcCosA

    a^2=(3)^2 + (3)^2 -2(3)(3)Cos60

    a^2=18 -18(0.5)


    sqrt both sides

    a=3 so you know the horizontal line has a length of 3.

    using this, we can find the height from the horizontal line to the tip of the diamond.

    we draw a vertical line from the middle of the horizontal line to the tip of the diamond.

    using pythagorean theorem:

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2

    (1.5)^2 + b^2 = (3)^2

    b^2 = 6.75

    because we’ll end up with a large decimal, we’ll leave it as “sqrt of 6.75”

    now we use our triangle formula to find the area of the top of the diamond.

    (base times height)/2 but since we have two identical triangles (one at the top, one at the bottom, we can multiply by two leaving us just “base times height”.


    so your area is approximately 7.79units squared.

  • element of parallelogram or rectangle or sq. or rhombus = base * height element of circle = pi * r^2 element of triangle = a million/2 * base * height element of t ɾąքҽ zoid = height * favourite base length element of a familiar hexagon = 3 * sqrt(3) / 2 * s^2, the place s = factor length section for sector of a circle = pi * r^2 * (perspective/360)

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