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Which of the following is true for an isometry? (1 point)

The preimage and the image are congruent.

The preimage is larger than the image.

The preimage is smaller than the image.

The preimage is the same position as the image.


The translation (x, y)Arrow(x + 3, y – 7) maps TUVW onto T’U’V’W’. What translation maps T’U’V’W’ onto TUVW? (1 point)

(x, y)Arrow(x + 3, y – 7)

Also Check This  Determine which of the following sequences and structures represent part of mature eukaryotic mrna.

(x, y)Arrow(x – 7, y + 3)

(x, y)Arrow(x + 7, y – 3)

(x, y)Arrow(x – 3, y + 7)

1 Answer

  • Unless an isometry has been badly named, the preimage and the image will be congruent.

    2) To get from TUVW to T’U’V’W’, you added 3 to x and subtracted 7 from y. To get back where you started, you need to subtract 3 from x ad add 7 to y. (x,) –> (x-3, y+7).

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