Girls, is 5′ 10″ to short for a guy?

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I’m 5′ 10″ or 10.5″. Is that to short for a guy? I know plenty of guys that are shorter than I am, but it seems like most are taller than me.

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  • lol, yea it’s fine. my cousin’s that tall

  • I know quite a few guys shorter than you. I don’t think that you are considered short at all. I don’t think that

    5′ 10″ is too short for a guy.

    Source(s): My boyfriend of four years and my brother are shorter than you are.
  • It depends on how old you are. If you are a teenager, then most likely not because youre still growing but if you are over like 25 then youre on the shorter side.

    Its nothing to worry about though. Height doesnt really matter. If it does there are lots of short girls out there that would be perfect for you.

  • Well my boyfriend is 6’2. But I like taller guys. Just not when theyre really skinny and tall. Some girls like shorter guys.

  • This is a strange question, but– 5′ 10″ is NOT short for a guy. My father is 5′ 10″ and is considered pretty much average. Anywhere from 5′ 10″ to 6′ 2″ is average.

  • 5 foot 10 is NOT short for a guy I say it’s normal height

  • 5’10” is a good height….with shoes you are looking at 5″11″ to 6’……so obviously it is not short…..short would probably be around say 5′ to 5’7″…..even at 5’8″ you are taller than 95 percent of the women in the world.

  • 5’10” isn’t short, I wouldn’t worry. There will always be people who are taller than you, and always some who are shorter.

    Lots of girls I know don’t mind shorter boyfriends, though lots of girls are under 5’10 anyway.

    I wouldn’t worry yourself about it. People love variety!

  • no thats definitly not too short

    most girls dont really care, just as long as you are taller than them. 5’10 is a pretty good height for a guy

  • O.o Man, where do you live? Girls are giants there? No, you are perfect ^^ I’m 5′ 2″ and about that height would be perfect.

  • hey I’m 5′ 1′ my husband is 5′ 9′ i don’t think height should not be an issues

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