Give the ground state electron configuration for the ion of ba.

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6. Give the ground state electron configuration for the barium ion a. [Kr]5s25p6 b. [Kr]5s24d10Sp66826p2 c. [Kr]5s24d10Sp66s d. [Kr]5s24d10Sp6682 e. [Krj5s24d10Sp6 9. Which of the following is the ground state electron configuration for Cr3? a. [Ar]4s 13d2 b. [Ar] c. [Ar]4s23d6 d. [Ar]3d3 e. [Ar]4s23dl f none of the above 10. Outer electrons are shielded from charge by electrons. 11. Choose one of the following which shows elements in order of increasing 1st ionization energy. N F As c. F<N<As d. As <F<N 12. Give the set of four quantum numbers that could represent the last electron added (using the Aufbau principle) to the Ne atom. a, n = 2, 1 = 1,m=1, ms = + 2 c, n = 3, 1-2, m1=1 , m,-+ d, n-2, 1 = 1,m=1, ms =-1 e, n = 3, 1-2, m1 = 1,n-

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Configuration of Barium is denoted as:

(Xe) 6s2

the barium ion is actually a cation, barium loses 2 electrons to
become Ba+2

so it get the xenon configuration:

(Kr) 4d10 5s2 5p6

9. the ground state configuration of Chromium is:

[Ar] 3d5 4s1

to become Cr+3 it will lose 3 electrons

[Ar] 3d3

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