Give the name and formula of the compound formed when a Mn2+ cation combines with a (PO4)3- anion?

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manganese phosphate: Mn3(PO4)2

magnesium phosphate: Mn2(PO4)3

manganese sulfate: Mn2(PO4)3

magnesium sulfate: Mn3(PO4)2

manganese oxalate: Mn2(PO4)3-

2 Answers

  • The total (+) charge must balance the total (-) charge.

    Mg^2+ and PO4^3- must be joined with a common multiple of charge. The common multiple would be 2 x 3 = 6. That will require 3 Mn^2+ ions and 2 PO4^3- ions.

    Formula: Mn3(PO4)2

    That’s how I would do it.

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  • it will always aim for a neutral particle

    PO4 is called phosphate

    Mn = mangene, magnesium = Mg

    Mn3(PO4)2 manganese phosphate

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