Glee- I don’t understand Kurt’s tattoo?

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I don’t get why Kurt’s tattoo says “It’s got Bette Midler”

Is it supposed to make sense at all? Who even is Bette Midler?

7 Answers

  • Glee Meaning

  • It was suppose to be “It gets better” a constant phrase used especially for LGBT men and women. Like all of the “It gets better” videos about staying strong and over coming things and everything will eventually get better. But he was drunk at the time so the tattoo artist apparently thought he said ‘It’s got Bette Midler’

  • Kurt wanted to get the phrase “It gets better” but made a typo when printing it out fir the tatoo artist and got “Its get better” which the tatoo artist then changed/fixed for him to ‘It’s got Bette Midler’ which is about as unique as his character and also one one his idols

  • Bette Midler is an actress and I guess the tattoo artist thought it fit

  • DUDE IM WONDERING THE SAME THING. I don’t think it really means anything tbh, bc remember when he said it doesn’t make sense but he likes it? You know? idk

  • I thinks it’s because she’s one of his idols but idk

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