godin lxg electric guitar?

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does anyone find this guitar frustrating to get a fat distortion with a equally good warm tone on a clean setting, without having to have separate setting on each sound so you can make a quick switch during a song. i ended up changing to a standed bridge and no longer use the synth side of the instrument. even then i had to add a eq pedal which i switch on when switched to clean sound. the frustration is in quick changes in a song i got to really be on the ball and sometimes miss my cue.

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dont like the single coiled pickup guitars to much noise introduced back though the pickups.

2 Answers

  • To quiet the single coil noise get a noise gate pedal or a rackmounted Hush.

    Single coils by nature aren’t fat, if you really want Fat distortion you could swap in one of Seymour duncan’s mini humbuckers – they fit right in the single slot but sound like a humbuckers.

    You might want to look at a rackmounted Pre-amp and them you can set up channels on that to quickly alter you tone ie “clean to distorted” quickly. I have a Rocktron Voodu valve that I like a lot.

    Good luck – the guitarist search for his/her perfect tone never ends, but it sure is a fun journey.

  • Buy a Fender.

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