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I bought a song (Cape Of Our Hero by Volbeat) and it wont play on my phone.. Every single time i go to play it is says music temporarily unavailable. No space available. And i know that i have plenty of room on my phone for the song.. Please Help!!! Its really irritating and i just want it to work!! Thanks! 🙂

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  • settings. go down to where it says Cache During Playback and uncheck it. I had the same issue until literally 5 minutes ago. a lot of people seem to be having this issue.

    Source(s): listening to that sweet new daft punk album now. worked for me.
  • I guess you must be using an Android, if that is the case, the Androids smartphone have 3 storage capacity:

    1. Phone memory

    2. Internal SD memory

    3. External SD card

    Whenever you download anything, it always go to the phone memory, which it only holds about 2gb of storage. The internal SD memory can hold from 8gb to 64gb, depending on the type of Android that you are using. Let’s say that you have an Android with 12gb. of internal SD storage. You need to move everything you have from the phone memory to the internal SD.

    I own a Galaxy S2, so in my case it would be settings, Application; from here I search all the apps that can be move to the SD, there will be a box which prompt you to move to SD, just tap it.

    Now, there is no need for room in your Android device since Google Music make use of cloud storage for the music that you purchase and the one that you already have, but in order to play it, you must have an internet connection, if there is no internet, there is no music.

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    I would double check with your bank to see if it was not a hold placed on your card rather than an actual charge. Companies who use credit cards to authenticate people will usually put a small amount of money on a temporary hold to prove the card as legitimate as well of the user. If you did get charged legitimately then you’ll need to take it up with Google itself. The most likely cause it you are actually charge the dollar was that you had downloaded or purchase something that costed one dollar and it was automatically deducted from your account. Of course having a zero balance a been transferred one dollar from your card to your account and then was deducted. Best solution would be to get a hold of Google and find out what the actual charge was for as they will have all information available to them as to why when and what.

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