ground beef turned white?!?!?

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I just defrosted ground beef in a package by putting it into luke warm water. the top of the ground beef turned white. Why is this. Is it bad now?

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  • when you thaw ground beef in hot water all cells break and release the juices in the you had a lot of blood in the bag after you can still eat it but need some extra sauce on top to help the dryness

    regards chef eric

  • Something a neighbor made when she invited us over for dinner the other night: Make some cornbread in a square or circular dish. Fry up the hamburger, add some sliced tomatoes, onions, peppers, and some spices (Your choice). Pour all of these on top of the cornbread. It is really good, trust me! Or you can just buy some hamburger helper.

  • How old is the meat and how long was it in the freezer? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen beef turn white before… the white part hard? If you have other alternatives, I’d probably play it safe and dump it.

  • Sounds like you just had freezer burn. It should be ok. If you are worried just take a little and brown it in your pan and see how it smells. If it smells bad after you brown it, then you know it is bad. It usually will be fine if there is no adverse smell.

  • Yeah its a little bad. You should have let it defrost without the water. Next time you defrost meat dont put it in water. Hurry up and make your meal!!

  • It’s still fine. The juices just went to the bottom.

  • Maybe it was old or it is just because the white stuff is the ice…

  • it’s not bad but it is water logged on the surface , never use warm or hot water to defrost items , it can be harmful . not to mention now the flavor will be off a bit

  • the heat from the water started “cooking” it.

    Hurry up and prepare it and enjoy your dinner!

  • For it to turn white….YES it is bad PLEASE dont eat that….it will make you really sick

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