Has anyone purchased Maei dog food?

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Pronounced May-I. It is fairly new out. Got it at a speciality store. It says for all stages of life. My newfie is just 9 weeks old but seems to like it.

ingredients are a long list but starts with chicken,chicken meal, brown rice, barley. It is balanced with Omega 3 & 6. It has no by products and has vitamins

Yes, I purchased it here in Arizona

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  • i’ve never heard of it. is it in the united states? the ingredients look pretty good!

    i feed Fromm Gold Adult.

  • Maei Dog Food

  • I just picked up a bag from Pet Food Depot. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years. The food is their own brand. It’s made in Minnesota and packaged in Cave Creek AZ. I was looking for a different food other than science diet. I inquired about different foods and the owner pointed me to Maei. My dog didn’t like the science diet and so far she seems to like Maei.

  • I am owned by seven cats.But I remember the Nutro-Max recall several years ago.I stick with a brand I trust whose origins are either The United States or Canada.I encourage people to stay away from the cheaper brands of pet food while adopting an animal.

  • I’ve never heard of it before. What are the ingredients?

    EDIT: Sounds good :). How’s the calcium and phosphorous?

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