Has NASCAR lost its mind?

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Why would you put a few inches of dirt over asphalt to run a dirt race in the middle of thunderstorm season?  With no way for water to do anything but sit inside of the mud after a rain, no manner of packing is going to make it drivable for vehicles with windshields and a reliance on high speed airflow through unimpeded grills and radiators to prevent over heating.


At best, it was a very poorly calculated gamble for NASCAR based not only on putting dirt over asphalt for this type of car race, but also to schedule it during the rainiest part of the year. At worst, it is simple stupidity.

Between NASCAR, vehicle owners and ticket prices, one would think a purpose built dirt track, without the impermeable asphalt beneath the few inches of dirt could be built in a location central to the vast majority of NASCAR fans.  One designed to help drain away rain water and allow for faster drying of the track medium.

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The track could be designed to allow other minor league racing circuits to use. This would also allow better drivers coming through the other circuits to get used to longer tracks and faster speeds as well as attract an additional fan base in an area not currently served. Then buy a calendar.

One thing for certain, this current decision is just another fiasco in a long line of fiasco’s. I’m truly surprised there even any fans left.

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  • Should we ask all the other dirt tracks in the world! Bristol on dirt was awesome. I wish they would do a super speedway dirt race. 

  • Looks like more people are saying what I have just said. Its not “rocket science’.

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/motorsports/nasca… anonymous, they are not wimps, the track cannot be used in its condition as the clay is not like a rally race over packed dirt roads, it lays loose over asphalt and is thrown into the air. Within one lap, windshields are covered so thick that the drivers cannot see. If you think that’s a joke, put on a blind fold and run through a forest as fast as you can until you plant your face into a tree. But have someone film you so the world can laugh at you.

  • I think they are wimps for not driving in it. Rally drivers do insane speeds through forests and m uncontrolled environments in worse conditions with the same and worse risks. European race series have found ways to race in the rain. It’s pathetic from nascar

  • Not lost it’s mind, we all see nascar is SHAMELESS ! For decades now they rattle a little more dust out of Dale Earnhardt’s coffin to promote themselves. They saw the success of Tony Stewart’s Eldora Race. Since Eldora IS NOT owned by nascar (International Speedways) they stole his race.

  • Maybe they’re concerned about creating dust 

  • Did it ever have one?  Seems optional at best.

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