Have no friends not equal to yourself.” – Confucius ..what do u think this means?

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  • All your friends should be equal or near in thoughts and morals. If you surround yourself with lesser than you may become lesser.

  • Hang out with the right people? Don’t pretend to hang out with popular people that aren’t worth yourself? It also might be related to the values of that time.

    …Perhaps there is a double meaning or something. As in, it is a trick. Maybe he means that if you don’t follow this, then you might not be worthy of them yourself, becuase you think lowly of them. Therefore, if you consider your friends equal, then you deserve them. If they are higher, then you probably want something other than friendship.

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  • Similar to the christian phrase “all things to all men”

    Basically means not to think yourself too high and mighty nor to think of others so high that they cannot be approached , we are all equally human and derserving both the significance and humility attributed to all.

  • Have friends on your same level…same morals, goals ect. They’re the easiest people to get along with!

  • it means don’t have friends that you have to lower yourself to. keep friends that make u a better person.

  • You are Wright, there’s no better friend than yourself.

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