He kissed my hand, what did it mean?

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Me and this guy are I guess you could say… practically dating. He kissed me on the hand the other night in the car after our date when we were saying goodbye. What does that mean?

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  • Awww! That’s so sweet. It sounds like he really likes you, and respects you. He is being a gentleman, but at the same time saying, “I like you.” Sounds like a keeper!

  • Omg girl I’m so jealous I wish I had a guy who kissed my hand lol. This could mean a lot of things maybe he thinks its a classy kiss lol. Or maybe he’s too shy to kiss your cheek or lips. Take it to the next step when you see him again. After he kisses your hand keep holding onto his and pull him close and kiss him see what happens! (But he sounds like a keeper)

  • It means he’s trying to be a gentleman. Besides if you didn’t smack him for kissing your hand, next date he’ll try the lips!

  • that just means he wanted to kiss you on the lips but didn’t want to offend you it’s the gentlemen thing to do, he sounds like a keeper.


  • yeah, that’s a good compromise when the guy wants to show her that he finds her attractive but doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. it might also mean that he isn’t sure how she feels about him.

  • That is so sweet. It just means that he doesn’t want to rush things with you. He’s taking his time in trying to get to know you and gain your trust. I think its really sweet of him. 🙂

  • He wants your approval. He really likes you but probably doesn’t know if you do as much!

  • Simple, he LOVES you. And was afraid to kiss you on lips presuming you may not approve.

  • He was raised with continental manners, or he has been watching too many old movies and thinks that he will to impress you.

  • He likes you and he’s a gentleman.

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