Heart breaker punch true or false?

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iv heard once or twice about a heart breaker punch and im wondering is it true or even possible to do

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  • It depends on who’s punching you in the chest, and how hard you get hit. There is a big difference between and actor on a studio set shooting a movie and say Mike Tyson ꜱᴜcκer punching you in the sternum in a street fight. Odds are good Mike has stopped as many hearts as he has started by beating on someones chest, I think it’s do-able. You would have to most likely break the sternum, but I would assume an impact of significant enough force could traumatize your heart enough to stop it. It tends to reason that if blunt impact can shock a heart into beating again once it’s stopped, the reverse could also be true. It would have to be a severe impact, not a tap like in the Movie “Kill Bill”, but it can be done.

    Neurologically I know of no way to stop a heart, it’s almost super-autonomic in origin, regulated by the cerebellum, so even a spinal break in the central nervous system won’t stop a heart beat immediately. Destroy the cerebellum and everything, including the heart stops, but that’s only done with traumatic brain injury.

    Only direct and severe blunt force trauma would do it, and you have to get past the sternum and rib cage to even get at it, so it’s a difficult task to accomplish with a single punch, that punch would have to hit like a sledgehammer.

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    Heart breaker punch true or false?

    iv heard once or twice about a heart breaker punch and im wondering is it true or even possible to do

  • yes there absolutely is and its no joke and nothing to mess around with. It also does not take a abnormally hard punch. It is called commodio cordis. It occurs when you are struck in the chest over the heart during a specific time during your heart beat. Your heart works by your body producing a small electric current that goes through your heart causing it to contract. The pacemaker in your heart that does this is called the AV node. It has to reset after every beat. If someone gets hit right before it resets you can cause the heart to stop beating. This is 100% true.


    I want to totally let you know that i am not trying to insult you, just trying to help you. So I know it will be hard for me to tell you this without making it sound like an insult but its not my intention. Dont use big medical words just to try to make yourself sound better when they have absolutely nothing to do with the question, it makes you sound bad. “Nuerologically I know no way to stop a heart” This makes no sense what so ever based on the question asked. What does “Neurologically” have to do with blunt force trama to the chest? Basically what you said in that sentence is “I know of no way to stop the heart by damaging someones nervous system” That has absolutely nothing to do with what was asked. There are about 20 ways to stop the heart other then direct blunt force trama which you stated is the only way to stop the heart. How bout ᴘᴇɴᴇтʀᴀтing trama? How bout electricity? How bout commodio cordis? How bout a large P.E., how bout cardiogenic shock due to a massive M.I.? How bout drugs like adenosine that block the elctrical pathways of the heart and stop it immedately? How bout the people that fall into 36 degree water and due to the return of the cold blood in there extremities to the heart the heart stops immedately? I could go on an on but point being there are seriously probally at least 20 different ways other then direct blunt force trama to stop a heart immedately.

  • yes it could be done. if the impact is hard enough to break your sternum or your entire rib cage for that matter then you are sure to die from that punch.

    however if you are suggesting a kung fu version, say a certain pressure point in any part of the body that causes the heart to stop i dont know of such techniques.

    in asia, the chinese buddhist practitioners claim that theres such a technique. its so dangerous that they dont teach it to non or lower level buddhist practitioners.

    of course to see is to believe.

  • I’ve heard it in movies…

  • no

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